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More revelations about Kevin Coble

Northwestern plays tonight against Arkansas-Pine Bluff, but the game isn’t what people are going to focus when it comes to the Wildcats.  That’s because Kevin Coble, in an email to SI.com, appears to have made this situation all the more perplexing. Why he’d email a reporter about the incident after the season is already a... Read more »

Northwestern marketing and recruiting

Marketing Buzz:  The Northwestern Wildcats are getting more aggressive in promoting the program. Athletic director Jim Phillips said in a statement that the Wildcats are set to begin a campaign on Monday with the slogan, “Northwestern: Chicago’s Big Ten Team.”  This seems like a broad change in strategy from typical Northwestern marketing efforts, of which... Read more »

Kevin Coble isn't coming back, but he wasn't the answer anyways

By now you’ve heard that Kevin Coble will not play for the Northwestern Wildcats during the 2010-11 season, or ever again. The recovery from his broken foot is taking longer than expected, and instead of continuing through grueling rehab with the chance of injuring it again during the season which would come with possible life-altering... Read more »

News and Notes

I’ve been away, but I’ve been collecting some links to news and notes that might be interesting to fans of Chicago college basketball. Of course I’ve also been waiting for Chicago State to announce a new head men’s basketball coach, but at this point that’s like hoping for a sunny day. The coaching search is... Read more »

Northwestern Season Epilogue

John Shurna’s development was one of the big keys for Northwestern this season. The Northwestern Wildcats went one step further than any other team in Chicago. They reached the postseason. Sure, it wasn’t the NCAA Tournament, but the NIT is nothing to sneeze at. But a road game anywhere and especially in the Ryan Center... Read more »

Northwestern loses to Purdue, now what?

Drew Crawford – here against Illinois – is banged up, but he still made some spectacular plays in Northwestern’s 69-61 loss to Purdue. Northwestern had a lead going into halftime, but couldn’t hold onto it in the second half and lost 69-61 in the quarterfinals of the Big Ten Tournament against Purdue. Now the Wildcats... Read more »

Kevin Coble still has tricks

Just because Kevin Coble isn’t frustrating members of the Michigan State Spartans this season doesn’t mean that Coble has lost all of his moves. Check out this awesome video from the Daily Herald’s Lindsey Willhite of Coble making 65-foot shots on one leg, backwards. (Some more stuff from Coble is in Willhite’s blog post.)

Northwestern and the Ewing Theory

Kevin Coble’s injury makes Northwestern a prime candidate for the Ewing Theory. Well, this is it. Throw out whatever cliche you want. Without Kevin Coble in the lineup Northwestern can use whatever motivation it can gather. Want to be the underdog? Sure, Northwestern is getting 4 points according to USA Today’s Danny Sheridan. Want to... Read more »

When experience disappears

Michael Thompson is now “the guy” in terms of experience on the Wildcats. Note: This is the first in a regularly recurring series of statistically based posts that will be published each Monday morning. Yeah, I know, heady stuff early in the week… Eh. Bear with me and you’ll see some interesting trends. Also, for... Read more »

Peljusic Please

Ivan Peljusic’s athleticism is one reason why he should start on Friday for Northwestern. Four inches of a height won’t be all that Northwestern loses if Jeremy Nash replaces Kevin Coble, as it appears from this recent NUsports.com article might be the case. Nash and Coble are two very different players. One is a senior... Read more »