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Jerry Wainwright makes return to college basketball

Jerry Wainwright makes return to college basketball
Fired 15 games into DePaul’s 2010 basketball season, former head coach Jerry Wainwright is newly employed. He’ll serve as a full-time assistant at Fresno State University under new head coach Rodney Terry. Terry was previously an assistant under Wainwright at UNC-Wilmington and Richmond, and became Fresno’s new head coach in April. Since his 2010 firing... Read more »

2010-11 Season Key Players - Jeremiah Kelly, DePaul

This is the third in a series of five posts previewing five players that are going to be keys to the 2010-11 college basketball season in Chicago. (One for each school.) These profiles aren’t necessarily about the best player, but a player I expect will make a meaningful impact this season. While he was miscast... Read more »

Depth Ratio and the indecisiveness of DePaul

This is the second part of a series on depth ratio and the Chicago schools. More about the statistic can be found at The Only Colors, also check out the first post in the series about Northwestern. DePaul under Jerry Wainwright is unique in this series because it is the only school in which more... Read more »

Evaluating the coaching job of Chicago's head men

It appears as though everyone besides the coaches at DePaul are going to be retained and given a shot to make a difference next season. Thus, I’m going to post my evaluations of each of their performances here. Some of these coaches haven’t coached in a game in almost a month, but each should already... Read more »

DePaul coaching search reaches Deadspin

I’m not quite sure why something that was posted on March 3, 2010 is making national headlines today, but the DePaul coaching search is flying around the Web again. After athletic director Jean Lenti Ponsetto (left) said that DePaul’s next head coach had the potential to be amongst the top two or three highest paid... Read more »

Northwestern's Big Ten chances, Bill Carmody chats and other news

It is Championship Week and the links are flying around with interesting news. I wanted to include some here so that people could keep up. There’s good information about Northwestern and more on the DePaul coaching search. Here are my thoughts about all of them. Northwestern’s Big Ten Tournament Chances: The Wildcats have a .4... Read more »

DePaul's season ends with loss to USF

Will Walker wasn’t able to lead DePaul to a victory in the first round of the Big East Tournament. DePaul’s season with so much promise. After a miserable 0-18 campaign in the Big East during the 2008-09 season things looked up when the Blue Demons beat Cincinnati in the first round of the Big East... Read more »

Change at DePaul doesn't change result in Big East

Tony Freeland fights for a rebound in the first half. Freeland finished with 8 boards and 4 points in 15 minutes. You can replace the coach, but unfortunately you can’t replace the players and you can’t change your whole scheme in a week. DePaul found that out the hard way as the Blue Demons showed... Read more »

The (probably not) final word on Jerry Wainwright

It has been a thrilling day for fans of DePaul basketball. The relief that many fans have felt over the firing of the very quotable Jerry Wainwright has been expressed on message boards, article comments and every other forum available. Even though it’s not for a good reason, the national media is talking about the... Read more »

Jerry Wainwright out, Tracy Webster in at DePaul

The coaching change at DePaul was made official at 11 a.m. this morning. Jerry Wainwright is officially stepping down as head coach and Tracy Webster will be taking over on an interim basis for the final 15 games of the regular season and the Big East Tournament. Wainwright came into the packed conference room on... Read more »