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Friday at the NCAA Tournament

I’m going to be writing from the United Center over at Rush the Court this weekend, so be sure to stop over there. If Friday is anything like Thursday you’ll definitely want to be around the television.  To that end, if you want to get away downtown the Geek Squad is hosting an event from... Read more »

Thompson drives Northwestern to win

Games on Thursday even after the snow

The third snowiest snow storm in the history of Chicago just blasted this city, but it doesn’t mean that the college basketball games won’t go on. Last night Illinois continued its sporadic ways with a blowout victory over Penn State in Champaign with a much less than full house. Tomorrow night DePaul will take on... Read more »

Northwestern might have just six chances left

Tonight Northwestern plays at Illinois on ESPN2 at 8 p.m. The Fighting Illini seem to be turning things around in conference after losing to UIC. The Wildcats, on the other hand, are struggling in conference play. Here are a few numbers to remember going into the game tonight: 6 – As in the number of... Read more »

Tempo-free Big Ten

Before tonight’s Big Ten game between Northwestern and Michigan State, which is a huge game for the Wildcats, I wanted to show the efficiency margins (in-conference) for all of the Big Ten teams. This of course relies on just one or two games of data, but it’s still fun to start looking at how things... Read more »

All-Big Ten Non-Conference Teams

With the non-conference season winding down, and Big Ten play set to start up Monday when Indiana takes on Penn State, I wanted to put out my all-conference teams through the first half of the season. The two five-man teams are completely based on non-conference play and use a combination of tempo-free statistics, regular statistics and general... Read more »

The 1-3-1 against Illinois

Yesterday UIC played the 1-3-1 to disrupt Illinois’ offensive flow. It really seemed to work as the Flames held the Illini to 54 points in 65 possessions. That’s 0.83 points per possession and by far the best anyone has done against Demetri McCamey and company all season. It was very interesting what UIC head coach... Read more »

It's a brother battle at the United Center

About that challenge thing

I was going to write something more in depth about the ACC/Big Ten Challenge and then I saw what Ken Pomeroy and John Gasaway had posted already and decided it wasn’t worth my time to essentially duplicate their work.  Suffice it to say: The Big Ten is supposed to win. Minnesota needs to win tonight... Read more »

Five non-traditional basketball courts

The opening tip and some jump shots might get caught in the skeleton of this Frank Gehry wonder, but it'd do a lot to raise the profile of the game.
You might not have heard, but Northwestern and Illinois are going to play a football game at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, this afternoon. Also, Michigan State has proposed to play a basketball double-header on an aircraft carrier for Veterans Day (Nov. 11, 2011) next season. Both of these ideas are non-traditional to... Read more »