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Eric Wallace's injury is a big blow to DePaul

DePaul fans got some bad news in year one of Oliver Purnell’s reclamation project when athletic forward Eric Wallace was declared out for the season with a fractured left tibia and fibula. The athletic junior was expected to thrive in Purnell’s more wide-open system, but now he’ll be on the bench for the entire season.... Read more »

News Round Up - Thursday, Sept. 30

You can feel the start of college basketball season coming. With Northwestern’s recent schedule release all of the area’s schools have released their full schedules and I’ve made my plans. The other way you can tell games are coming? News is starting to pick up. There were some very interesting articles released over the past... Read more »

DePaul and open scholarships

All of a sudden DePaul has two open scholarships for the 2010-11 season. One was created by the Blue Demons finally releasing Walter Pitchford from his National Letter of Intent. While it was quite the saga, the Blue Demons were well within their rights to ask Pitchford to honor his commitment to the university. The... Read more »

Hollinger Stats, Free Pizza and the Obama Bracket

Before Northwestern’s NIT game tonight I wanted to check in on some other news. Here are my takes on a few interesting notes from college basketball over the past week. (The firing of Seton Hall’s Bobby Gonzalez not included.) John Hollinger has released College PER stats: ESPN’s wizard of statistics put his PER to the... Read more »

DePaul and Free Throw Shooting

DePaul is the worst free throw shooting team in the country. Now, I know that it seems strange that I’d bring this up right after the Blue Demons shot 11 of 13 (including Will Walker’s 7-7) from the line in a close loss to Cincinnati on the road, but actually that phrase “close loss” is... Read more »

Photos from DePaul vs. Alabama State

DePaul just finished off a 58-50 over Alabama State. Here’s a photo gallery from the game highlighting Will Walker, Eric Wallace and Jerry Wainwright. 

Early season look at individual offensive efficiency

This is your Monday stats blast from Chicago College Basketball. Check back later in the day for the Chicago City Rankings – here is last week. Michael Thompson has been incredibly efficient on offense thus far this year. Three teams have outperformed early season expectations thus far this season. Northwestern, Loyola and DePaul each have... Read more »

DePaul is alive and kicking

Jeremiah Kelly, shown here against Chicago, was instrumental in DePaul’s victory over Northern Iowa. The DePaul Blue Demons got something they didn’t EARN all of last season, a victory against an opponent that should be pretty good. Northern Iowa is supposed to be the favorite for the Missouri Valley Conference title after returning all five... Read more »

Photos from DePaul vs. Chicago

Here are a few more photos from DePaul’s exhibition game against the University of Chicago Maroons. Check out Eric Wallace’s vertical and see walk-on Nate Rogers after the break. Michael Bizoukas tries to get open against a Chicago defender during play in the first half. Eric Wallace jumps over a Chicago player on a shot... Read more »

DePaul defense dominates Chicago in exhibition

Eric Wallace shows off his athleticism by completing an alley-oop in the first half. There’s no chance that DePaul holds another team to 36 points for the rest of the season. Yet for a team with questions on the defensive end, the Blue Demons came out with intense ball-pressure and a strong overall defensive effort... Read more »