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Photos of Chicago College Basketball Seniors

Things have been light here over the past weekend because I was at MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston this weekend. I have some new ideas from the conference that I’m going to use in the analysis during the off-season here, but obviously there was a lot to talk about over the weekend. I’ll... Read more »

UIC Season Epilogue

Jeremy Buttell’s presence in the paint will be missed next season at UIC. It is difficult for things to end. And even if that thing has been difficult, trying and unfortunate, it doesn’t really help the pain. Fans of UIC will learn that lesson now as possible the worst season in Flames history ended with... Read more »

Photos from UIC vs. Milwaukee

Photos from the first half of the game between UIC and Milwaukee on Saturday. It is Senior Day at the Pavilion. Spencer Stewart, Jeremy Buttell, Kris Harris and Chris Buchanan were honored before the game started. Lots of photos of Stewart, but all of the seniors are featured. Note: At the end of the season... Read more »