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UIC's big men, their roles and their numbers

There has been some controversy lately about who should be starting and playing significant minutes at the primary front court positions at UIC lately. There seem to be four bodies for two spots on a regular basis, though that could be dropping down to one shortly. Which players give the Flames the best chance on... Read more »

Carmody extended, Melvin in a Top 25, Birton suspended

Three pieces of important news that you might’ve missed yesterday from around college basketball in Chicago. Bill Carmody receives contract extension from Northwestern – This one really wasn’t a surprise because Carmody had this extension offer in hand before the season even began. Once the school did that it was just a matter of time.... Read more »

Losing night for Chicago in Ohio

Whether it’s a close loss or a blowout the result is the same – a loss. Both UIC and Loyola suffered tough defeats on Thursday night in Ohio. UIC dropped a 71-69 game at Youngstown State. It was another one that came down to a last-second play and unfortunately the Flames weren’t able to make... Read more »

Tempo-free UIC

Besides the fact that the headline rhymes, I thought I’d take a look at UIC in the tempo-free world because one of the big questions with the transition from Jimmy Collins to Howard Moore was, “Will the offense be better?” Spoiler alert! The answer is no. UIC’s offense is still struggling, with a 96.1 offensive... Read more »

Preview for UIC vs. Pittsburgh

UIC takes on Pittsburgh on Wednesday night in the opening game of Chicago’s college basketball season. Thankfully this game is on ESPN3, so you can watch it if you’re interested in seeing how the Flames fare against a high-caliber squad. (And happen to have a cable provider kind enough to give you the access online.)... Read more »

Three Thoughts - UIC vs. UIS

UIC just finished off an 80-53 victory over UIS and it wasn’t even really that close. The Flames struggled a bit until about four minutes remaining in the first half, but after that UIC cruised to victory over an over-matched opponent. Still, there was a lot to takeaway from the game. Here are three of... Read more »