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Despite Butler, Horizon wasn't a two-bid league

The success of the Butler Bulldogs has some Horizon League fans claiming that the league should’ve gotten two teams into the NCAA Tournament this season, but when you take a deeper look that really isn’t the case. There was only one team in the Horizon that deserved an at-large bid into the NCAA Tournament and... Read more »

Deeper look at CBI and CIT fields

So with things looking dicey for Northwestern and the NIT is there a chance that the Wildcats might play in smaller tournament? Sure, if they want to. There are going to be 40 other teams that play postseason basketball in the CollegeInsider.com Tournament (CIT) and the College Basketball Invitational (CBI). Both are relatively new and both come... Read more »

Final NIT Bracketology - Uh oh!

This should be it, my final attempt at predicting the NIT bracket for the 2010-11 college basketball season. I did this on a merit based system using the same criteria that the NCAA Tournament uses in its selection process. I’m not sure if the NIT replicates that exact format. I know they take into consideration... Read more »

Comparing NIT Brackets

One of the most well known NIT bracketology sites around the internet is NIT-ology. They are also updating on a regular basis again and give me a good comparison to look at when they publish new brackets. We have some differences though. There are 10 teams about which we disagree about by at least three... Read more »

NIT Bracketology - Intro to the final weekend

After a crazy day of games on Friday the brackets are getting clearer. Desperate Big Ten teams jumped off the bubble and into the NCAA Tournament with victories in the quarterfinals and started clearing up a little bit of the seeding picture. What isn’t clear is how it affects the NIT bracket. Any of the... Read more »

NIT Bracketology - Seed reshuffling

Welcome to the latest iteration of Chicago College Basketball’s NIT bracket. I did a complete seed reshuffling in this bracket after taking a long look at a number of bubble teams. Also, there are nine automatic bid teams scattered throughout this NIT bracket and there are probably going to be more. Thus if you’re on... Read more »

NIT Bracketology - A human takes a shot

Updated 8:50 p.m. CT on Sunday, March 6 after Florida Atlantic stole another automatic bid after losing in Sun Belt quarterfinals, which pushes UCF out. Since I’m tweaking the Bracket Predictor over the weekend and it isn’t quite ready for prime time again I decided to sit down and do an NIT Bracket by hand.... Read more »

NIT Bracketology - Bracket Predictor for the weekend

The NIT Bracket Predictor is here again. For some reason UCF has snuck into the NCAA Tournament in these metrics. I have no idea how this is happening. It’s quite ridiculous and I know it is, but they still sneak in. Thankfully the rest are very reasonable. The NCAA Bracket will go up in its... Read more »

NIT Bracketology - Return of the Bracket Predictor

Well, the Bracket Predictor had such an interesting first run that I went through and made some tweaks and now it’s ready for prime time again. There are still some funny data points, but most of it makes a lot of sense.  Once again you won’t see Washington, Florida State, Gonzaga or Minnesota in this... Read more »

NIT Bracketology - With the bracket predictor

I’ve been doing these NIT projections for a while now, but, because I like computers, I wanted to see if I could model the projections instead and not have to do any actual work. Obviously this has some advantages – it just spits out the numbers so I don’t have to compare resumes. There are... Read more »