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New Jersey basketball weekend

You might’ve noticed from my Tweets that I wasn’t in Chicago over Thanksgiving weekend. I returned home to New Jersey to be with my family for the holidays and got to attend some other basketball games. In fact, it was sort of like I was the Siena Saints’ beat writer as I went to their... Read more »

Northwestern played defense!

This might come as a shock, but back at Welsh-Ryan Arena for their home opener, the Northwestern Wildcats actually played pretty good defense. The Wildcats, with a liberal sprinkling of many of the reserves, managed to hold Arkansas-Pine Bluff to just 45 points in 64 possessions, or .703 points per possession. Honestly, that’s pretty good.... Read more »

More revelations about Kevin Coble

Northwestern plays tonight against Arkansas-Pine Bluff, but the game isn’t what people are going to focus when it comes to the Wildcats.  That’s because Kevin Coble, in an email to SI.com, appears to have made this situation all the more perplexing. Why he’d email a reporter about the incident after the season is already a... Read more »

Chicago Recruiting Round-Up

Now that most of the schools have their Letters of Intent in hand you’re seeing releases about most of the big prospects. While the very big prospects like Dai-jon Parker and Mike Shaw signed with other schools (Vanderbilt and Illinois respectively) these young men are expected to help schools in the future. Here’s a quick... Read more »

Three Thoughts - Northwestern vs. Robert Morris

Northwestern and Robert Morris played a fun game on Thursday night. The game was played at a pretty free pace and the final score, 91-71, wasn’t indicative of much, but there might’ve been some things to learn. Here are a few things that struck me while shooting photos on the baseline. 1. Last time I checked rebounding... Read more »

Bill Carmody speaks up at Big Ten Media Day

The transcript of the coach interviews at Big Ten Media Day, which was on Thursday, are available online on the Big Ten’s website. I took the time to parse through what Northwestern head coach Bill Carmody said and pull out what I thought would impact the team this season. For instance, Carmody said this about... Read more »

Is the Princeton Offense hurting Northwestern?

Bill Carmody learned the Princeton Offense during his days as an assistant for the Princeton Tigers under coaching legend Pete Carril. When Carmody moved to Northwestern in 2000 he took the beautiful offense with him. It has been very efficient over the years. In fact, the Wildcats were the 33rd best offense in the country... Read more »

The Land of Cupcakes - Northwestern's 2010-11 Schedule

Northwestern’s 2010-11 men’s basketball schedule has been released and it’s a doozy. It looks sort of like a Candy Land board because of all the cupcakes you’ll find on it. I don’t know if Bill Carmody doesn’t trust his sort of young team (except that he’s got a senior point guard in Michael Thompson and... Read more »

Looking at Depth Ratio for Northwestern

Depth is important in college basketball, or at least that’s how the old adage goes. Teams can’t win if they’re not deep and have talented players coming off the bench. Yet the Northwestern Wildcats continue to challenge this maxim. It turns out Northwestern almost always has its best seasons when using the least depth –... Read more »

Kyle Rowley transferring from Northwestern

Kyle Rowley is transferring from Northwestern. Northwestern’s sophomore center Kyle Rowley has decided to transfer to a program where he can find a program in which he can get more playing time according to a release from the athletic department this morning. Rowley saw his minutes decrease from 13.3 minutes per game to 9.1 minutes... Read more »