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Chicago College Basketball Scheduling Notes

The season is fast approaching – we’re already halfway done the off season – and schedule notes are starting to leak out as teams fill their openings. Here are some of the more interesting things that are going to be on the schedule this season. 1) DePaul and Loyola will renew their crosstown rivalry –... Read more »

Three Great Mysteries of the Chicago Off Season

The college basketball off season is nearing its midway point and there are still a lot of unsolved mysteries in the college basketball world. Coaches, players and schedules are all still trying to settle themselves as the season approaches. While there is a lot of exciting news coming out, more on some of those later... Read more »

Benjy Taylor out as Chicago State head coach

Chicago State is now looking for a replacement for head coach Benjy Taylor. Benjy Taylor was one of the Chicago-area head coaches that I thought was definitely going to be around next season, but the Chicago State head man is apparently moving on. Chicago State released a press announcement tonight stating in full: Chicago State... Read more »

Evaluating the coaching job of Chicago's head men

It appears as though everyone besides the coaches at DePaul are going to be retained and given a shot to make a difference next season. Thus, I’m going to post my evaluations of each of their performances here. Some of these coaches haven’t coached in a game in almost a month, but each should already... Read more »

Northern Illinois outruns Chicago State

After being pulled early in the game Carl Montgomery came back strong for Chicago State and scored 22 points and grabbed 9 rebounds in 30 minutes. Chicago State found itself in a huge hole before starting a grand comeback late in the second half. The Cougars came up just short as they fell by six... Read more »