College basketball has been my first sports love since Chris Webber's technical foul against North Carolina in the 1993 NCAA Tournament final - which as a nine-year-old I watched with my brother the next morning on tape delay.

Like any blog, this site is a reflection of its author. As a physicist turned journalist - with the bachelors and masters degree to prove it - I tend to focus on the numbers. Sometimes the numbers and conclusions I draw are true, sometimes they are completely wrong. I hope you'll challenge my thoughts in a respectful manner.

This site is a mix of big and small, which is why you'll see stories about BCS conference members Northwestern and DePaul alongside of NCAA independent Chicago State. It is why 5'8" CSU guard David Holston is as important as 6'10" DePaul forward Mac Koshwal.

I hope this site becomes your go-to place for everything about Chicago college basketball. If you have any suggestions, tips or improvements, email me at jtemplon_AT_gmail.com.