DePaul hoops earns perfect academic score; Chicago State admonished

DePaul hoops earns perfect academic score; Chicago State admonished
The NCAA released its Academic Progress Rates (APR) for the 2009-2010 season this week, great news for the basketball programs at DePaul, Northwestern and Loyola, which all earned public recognition awards.

Chicago State and UIC didn't fare so well.

Full numbers, the change season-to-season, and some numbers from around the leagues after the jump.

Here's how the Chicago Five fared in the 2009-2010 report. The 2008-2009 numbers are in parentheses. A score of 1,000 is the best possible.

  1. DePaul 1,000 (987)
  2. Northwestern 990 (1,000)
  3. Loyola (tied) 990 (990)
  4. UIC 918 (931)
  5. Chicago State 823 (818)

Chicago State first received public notice with the 2006-2007 report that penalties would be incurred if grades didn't improve. Since then not much progress has been made. CSU has now received its fifth straight sub-900 year, and the penalties are getting harsher.

The Cougars are admonished in the 2009-2010 report with three historical sanctions -- the most significant kind -- that take away two scholarships, reduce practices and implement a post-season ban. Four other teams, Cal-State Northridge, Grambling, Louisiana-Monroe and Southern-Baton Rouge also received a post-season ban.

UIC received an immediate penalty in this latest report which prevents the school from re-assigning Zavion Neely's lost scholarship to another student-athlete.

According to a report from the NCAA, the Ivy League received the most public recognition rewards overall.

Butler (1,000) was tops in the Horizon League (Loyola was second and UIC last); Northwestern was third to Michigan State (995) and Penn State (995) in the Big Ten; DePaul took top honors in the Big East, while UConn lost two scholarships for its rating (893); and the University of North Dakota (961) was best among independents. The average for all D-I basketball teams was 945.

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