Was Hill more important than McCammon for Loyola?

For some background on what's going on here please check out the post from yesterday.
Loyola had three players this season that played over 45% of the team's minutes and used more than 20% of the team's possessions: Geoff McCammon, Terrance Hill and Walt Gibler. Three other players: Ben Averkamp, Courtney Stanley and Andy Polka, were significant contributors in the rotation. Which one was the most important? Well here are their correlations to Loyola's scoring margins this season.
  • Terrance Hill: 0.550
  • Geoff McCammon: 0.435
  • Courtney Stanley: 0.371
  • Ben Averkamp: 0.256
  • Andy Polka: 0.045
  • Walt Gibler: -0.078

Now, some of these numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt. Gibler missed some playing time because of injuries and that's definitely having an affect on these numbers - though I have taken those games out of the sample for him. But a lot of these numbers make a ton of intuitive sense. This isn't to suggest that Polka wasn't important to Loyola, he was one of the key drivers of the Ramblers' defense and his offensive rebounding prowess sometimes greatly changes his offensive ratings, but there were other things at play as well.
Look at the top. Remember yesterday Kemba Walker had a correlation of 0.547 in a similar study, well Hill is above that rate. When Hill had a strong offensive game Loyola won, when he faltered the Ramblers lost. Hill's best game of the season? Loyola's 28-point blowout of Alabama State. His best Horizon League game? The 20-point victory at Valparaiso. Hill's worst game? The loss to Kansas State. Hill's worst Horizon League game? The Butler game on Dec. 1. 
There's one game that Loyola won last season that Hill had a poor offensive game - against UIC on January 22. He committed five fouls and scored six points while using 11 possessions for a 54.5 offensive rating. It was one of his worst games of the season, but some how the Ramblers managed to win.
What about McCammon? Well, he scored over a point per possession in that Butler game, but in general the correlations between McCammon's efficiencies and Loyola's victories in the Horizon League were very high. (0.583 to be exact.) As a jump-shooter, McCammon struggled mightily in losses against Valparaiso, at Cleveland State, Wright State, Milwaukee and at Detroit in the conference tournament.
Against Horizon League opponents Hill's correlation dropped to .505. So maybe Brad Stevens was on to something after all. It looks like shutting down Geoff McCammon played a big role in shutting down the Ramblers in conference play. (But shutting down Terrance Hill certainly didn't hurt either.)


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  • I agree to a certain existent but if you look at McCammons shots, most of them were three pointers because of the offense they ran. He shot more three pointers than two pointers and that is a more difficult shot. Especially with the number of contested shots he made while still shooting 47% from deep his junior Year in which he led the league in Three point percentage, and Senior year lead it in total makes while still shooting in the 43 %. He was tied with Klay thompson of the Golden state Warriors as the 14th best three point shooter , 13 spots behind Jimmer, and 7 spots from John Deibler at Ohio State. To make a simple point, Geoff McCammon was the best three point shooter to ever come thru Loyola. He only averaged 23 min a game his junior year while terence hill averaged 34 yet McCammon's average was 1.2 less points than hills. The next. year the McCammon Broke the single season three point record (86) and the single game record of (8-13) from three. McCammon only played two years on the court and Made it as the 6th all time shooter with only two seasons under his belt as oppose to those who played 4 years. Whiteselle asked him to leave and he stayed Loyal too Loyola University and stayed anyways. From what I heard stayed in the gym the last 4 years more than anyone. He went from never playing travel basketball two getting 10 D1 Offers, then he went from not playing at all two year in college to breaking two school record and becoming a pro basketball player . I still see McCammon working out a loyola, sometime more than the current players because he is one of the most Hungry and strong willed people I've ever meet. T- hill in the last game shot a 360 jump shot and air balled. A few games before that he shot a jump shot from his knee........Never compare a natural street ball player doing his own thing Like Terrence hill to a gym rat who earned his whole way like Geoff McCammon. I wouldn't be surprised to see Geoff McCammon in the NBA because every article you will ever read about the kid only mentions how hard he works and how much he wants to be the best. Brad stevens in his interview said we used to worry about gibler, but this year we are only worried about McCammon and if he goes off we can have a problem.

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