The Chicago Five


One of the fantasies of this here blog with regards to college basketball is that someday all of the coaches in Chicago will get together with their athletic directors and convine them that they think an annual series is a great idea.

Unfortunately last season wasn't the time to do it apparently. While Oliver Purnell has specifically mentioned such an idea intrigues him, the Blue Demons only played two of the four Chicago schools last season. The Blue Demons beat both Loyola and Chicago State during the non-conference part of the season.
Those two games, plus UIC and Loyola's series that is mandated by the Horizon League made up the entirety of the Chicago series games during the 2010-11 season. Well, we can still dream that something like Philadelphia's Big 5 could happen here, right? So thanks to the power of WhatIfSports I went ahead and simulated the series.

Over the next four days I'll reveal exactly what happened when I simmed the games, but there was at least one result that didn't conform to what actually happened on the court this season. Still there was a clear winner and loser plus a mess in the middle.

The format I used was each school received two homes games and two road games. While you and I might find it difficult to conceive that DePaul would go to Chicago State, exactly that is going to happen in the near future. Northwestern has already been down to the Jones Convocation Center as well. So, no complaining.
In real life one of the games between UIC and Loyola would be designated for the purpose of counting for the "city title." It would be the one that made the series balanced of course. Really, this doesn't seem too hard to execute. With so much turnover in leadership recently, hopefully the Chicago coaches can get it done in the future.
High scorers in any one game? Loyola's Ben Averkamp and UIC's Paul Carter who each scored 24 points in a game. Closest game? DePaul vs. Northwestern, which was decided by three points. I tweeted the box score when I first simulated the game, boy was it a doozy.
Come back over the next four weeks to check it all out.

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