Bizoukas transferring from DePaul

Michael Bizoukas

When you do a great job recruiting as a new head coach there is going to be some roster attrition. Right now DePaul is going through that process. As Lindsey Willhite pointed out yesterday, the Blue Demons have to find a few more scholarships for their incoming recruits. Well, one reportedly opened up today with the news that Michael Bizoukas is looking to transfer after graduating in June.

The move will allow Bizoukas to play a key role on another team next season, much like Paul Carter did at UIC during the 2010-11 campaign. According to Bizoukas is already receiving attention from Horizon League and Conference USA teams about playing for them immediately in 2011-12.
One school that should be contacting Bizoukas is Loyola. The Ramblers just had a scholarship open up when Colin Beatty was released from his Letter of Intent. In an ideal world that scholarship would probably be filled with a late signing freshman instead of Bizoukas, but there are a lot worse things Loyola could do. Adding a player like the former Blue Demon would help alleviate some of Loyola's woes in the backcourt.

Considering that the Ramblers already have the personnel to be strong up front next season, getting some backcourt help, especially at point guard is important. In the Big East Bizoukas' turnover rate was a bit high at 28.6%, but he also had a knack for handing out assists and is a very good on-ball defender.

There's no good way of figuring out whether Bizoukas' game would translate well over a full season, but his turnover rate in non-conference play was a pretty ugly 42%. As a pass-first point guard that'll have to improve no matter where he goes.
Still, I think he could make an impact next season as a hard-nosed, on-ball defender that finds open teammates and initiates the offense. If you don't expect too much he could be a great addition for a team, maybe even the Ramblers.


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  • I just heard reserve player Shaun Adams is going to transfer. Sounds to me like Porter Moser is "cleaning house" to make room for his own recruits. If my math is right, when you include graduating players, Moser sould have 5 scholarships availale right now. Let's see what he can do with it.

    I hope he holds onto them (NO more transfers or JUCO players) and really goes after some solid "high" mid-major kids in the fall.

    The Cully Payne transfer from Iowa sounds good, but he has to sit out next season.

  • In reply to janowskisteve9:

    Yes. Adams is transferring per a press release that came from the school yesterday. It does sound like Moser is trying to get "his guys" into the system quickly. Also he's probably trying to balance the classes and I expect him to try to fill the roster with higher level recruits than have generally come to Loyola over the past few years. Jim Whitesell wasn't a bad recruiter, but Moser is putting together a staff designed to mine talent from right around the Chicago area.

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