Another silly NCAA rule

John Shurna is testing the NBA waters right now, but he might be the last Northwestern player to ever do so. Why? Because today the NCAA passed another rule that benefits the coaches and not the student-athlete.

The NCAA has moved the deadline to withdraw from the NBA Draft and come back to school up to the first day of the spring signing period. It's now pointless to declare for the draft unless you're certain you want to be in it. Players like Shurna and Butler's Shelvin Mack, just aren't going to have time to go through the process anymore.

All this ruling does is make life easier on college basketball coaches. Come the first day of spring signing period - you know the time they can get freshman to replace those players that are leaving early - colleges coaches will know exactly how many scholarships they have available and what needs they have to fill.
Theoretically this could end helping teams avoid giving out too many scholarships, like what's happened at Arizona and DePaul this off season, but it seems like those cases were few and far between compared to how many players are testing the draft waters each year (28 are right now, it looks like 48 according to BIAH). Great job NCAA. Way to look out for those players you're supposed to be helping get an education.

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