Where do we go from here?

Well, the college basketball season in Chicago has officially come to a close with Northwestern's loss last night at Washington State. It's been a heck of a season as three schools broke in new head coaches, the Wildcats made their third straight postseason - and finally won a game, and Loyola changed head coaches.

The tricky question with a college basketball blog is always what to do during the offseason. It's not like there are transactions going on all the time or a trade machine to work on ridiculous moves. 
This site will continue to be a lively place. On Friday I'll release my third annual All-Chicago College Basketball teams. Next week I'll post season recaps for each of the five schools (one per day Monday-Friday). It looks like the Loyola coaching search will continue on until at least the Final Four, and I'll be on top of that moving forward. Recruiting always makes some waves during the spring and summer months. Also, I have a number of analytical projects I'd like to tackle that I haven't had time to look at during the season.
This is where you come in. I have a few ideas, but I want to know what else you're interested in reading about. Is there a question that's been bugging you about one of the Chicago teams that you think analytics can solve? Let me know in the comments or send me an email or message on Twitter. I've already got a few ideas.

What are those ideas? Well here are a few I'm thinking about tackling.

  • How hard is to beat an opponent three times? -- Cleveland State vs. Butler in the Horizon League peaked my interest about this one, but it's relevant to any number of teams in the area. Anyone that plays a home-and-home schedule and then a tournament has the opportunity for this to occur.
  • Does the Horizon League schedule really impact road teams? -- The Harvard Sports Analytic blog did a great job looking at this for Ivy League play. With the Horizon League considering a new schedule format in 2011-12 and beyond will it help road teams that currently have to play Thursday-Saturday.
  • Correlations between player and team success? -- At the beginning of the season Brad Stevens said something that's been bugging me for a long time about how shutting Geoff McCammon down was the key to shutting down Loyola. McCammon only used 22.0% of the team's possessions this season, but was shutting him down really the key to beating the Ramblers?
  • How does age impact Big Ten performance? -- Northwestern is going to have a veteran roster next season. How does that sort of roster impact a team? Is it overrated? (Illinois' performance this season seemed to suggest that was the case.)
  • How long does it take for a school to adjust to the Swing Offense? -- This is going to be more like a specific look at the history of Bo Ryan at both Milwaukee and Wisconsin. While I realize that Ryan and Howard Moore aren't the same person, they bring similar principles to the table. What's the time frame for a team adjusting to those?
If you have other things you'd like me to look into or find out please let me know. I'm happy to hear your ideas. 

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