What we know about CIT and CBI teams


40 teams are going to make the postseason after the NCAA Tournament and NIT select their fields. That's because there are two other small postseason events, the CIT and the CBI. Both are relatively new and both come with some special rules. For instance, the CIT only takes mid-major teams and the Great West Conference receives an automatic bid. The CBI has a three-game championship for the title. It makes for some interesting stuff. Last season I chronicled all the bids as they were announced on Selection Sunday. Well this season things have gotten underway a little bit earlier. So after the jump is everything we know about the 24-team CIT field and the 16-team CBI field according to Twitter and published reports. Sources are cited in all cases where something definite has been confirmed.

CBI Field:

Creighton -- Rumored, but makes sense.
UCF -- The Knights' administration said they'd pay to play, completely expect this to happen.
Evansville -- This tweet gives some insight.
CIT Field:
Northern Iowa -- See this post. (A lot of media follows UNI by the way!)
Santa Clara -- Diamond Leung has been money. His tweet confirmed this one. 
Hawaii -- Here's the tweet, a lot of other places now too. 
Portland -- They play at Hawaii per the above tweet.
Furman -- Official athletic site has this one. They're playing on the road.
Great West Auto-Bid -- Semifinals tomorrow are Utah Valley vs. South Dakota and Houston Baptist vs. North Dakota. UVU is playing at home and is the #1 seed.
Oral Roberts -- Tweet and official site confirmation. ORU is also going on the road. 
San Francisco -- Leung strikes again
Idaho - Info in above tweet.
Quinnipiac -- Official athletic site has them in. Bobcats are even hosting a game!
Air Force -- Tweet for Falcons hosting.
SMU -- School release. Mustangs will host Oral Roberts.
That's 3 CBI teams (19%) and 11 CIT teams (46%). It would make sense that the CIT would fill up quicker because the CBI typically tries to draw teams that don't claim NIT berths and are of a little bit higher profile. That said, it looks like the organizers of the CIT have done a great job creating a little western pod and now probably should be looking to the east coast. I'll keep tabs on this through Selection Sunday. If you notice anything please let me know in the comments.


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  • Do both of these tournaments have an entry fee or just the CBI? What is/are the fee(s)?

  • In reply to RichN:

    Both tournaments cost money to play in. The fees range depending on what deal you strike with the Gazelle Group (for the CBI) and if you're hosting a home game. Some of the more recent articles have actually mentioned the fees, which I think is smart. Lot of good coverage around the UNI to CIT if you're curious.

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