Wall Street Journal Blind Bracket

I picked a "Blind Bracket" on the Wall Street Journal's site this afternoon because I wanted to see how it differed from the one I would select just by looking at team names. Some interesting things happened.

Note: I had to work hard to not turn this into a game where I tried to predict exactly who each "blind team" was.
Free from my "prejudices" a few things happened. Here are the highlights:
  • I picked Illinois and Michigan State to go to the Elite 8.
  • I picked Morehead State to go to the Sweet 16. (I'd do this anyways though.)
  • I picked St. Peter's to beat Purdue and VCU to beat Georgetown. (Which would be awesome.)
  • I picked Utah State to the Sweet 16. (Again, completely logical.)
  • I picked Arizona to beat Texas and Duke.
Then in the end I ended up with the same Final Four that I've had all along - Ohio State, Connecticut, Notre Dame and Pittsburgh. It's Big East heavy, but it's the best I can come up with.
Try it yourself and see what you get. You might be surprised.

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