NIT Bracketology - Seed reshuffling

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Welcome to the latest iteration of Chicago College Basketball's NIT bracket. I did a complete seed reshuffling in this bracket after taking a long look at a number of bubble teams. Also, there are nine automatic bid teams scattered throughout this NIT bracket and there are probably going to be more. Thus if you're on the bubble it's not safe at all. 
With Marquette making the NCAA Tournament for good with its victory over West Virginia tonight there are 10 bubble spots left by my calculation. I can't justify putting Alabama into one of them, but the Crimson Tide are one of a few power conference teams that still have a chance to make a big impact on their seeding over the next few days.
Other tournaments I'll be watching closely include the Atlantic 10 for Rhode Island, Richmond and Duquesne; the Pac-10 for a whole host of teams; the majority of the SEC - but mainly the performance of the SEC West and the Big Ten Tournament game between Minnesota and Northwestern. The results of Conference USA's tournament have already impacted this bracket as well as Central Florida is well off the NIT bubble after its loss to East Carolina.
Baylor isn't included in this bracket due to the season long suspension of Perry Jones III. If the NIT really is taking seeding seriously and the Bears are without one of their best players they don't deserve to play in the NIT. I hate to penalize a team for the actions of one player - and it might not even be his fault - but as the 84-67 loss to a bad Oklahoma team showed, Baylor isn't a tournament caliber team in any way right now.
NIT Bracket (* means auto-bid):
1. Penn State
8. Murray State*
4. Mississippi State
5. Missouri State*
6. Mississippi
2. Nebraska
7. Rhode Island (final at-large)
1. Alabama
8. Milwaukee*
4. New Mexico
5. Tulsa
3. Miami (FL)
6. James Madison
2. USC
7. Fairfield*
1. St. Mary's*
8. Coastal Carolina*
4. Southern Miss
5. Princeton
3. California
6. Minnesota
2. Colorado State
7. Charleston*
1. Memphis
8. Florida Atlantic*
4. Marshall
5. Wichita State
3. Oklahoma State
6. Cleveland State
2. Washington State
7. Vermont*

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