NIT Bracketology - Return of the Bracket Predictor


Well, the Bracket Predictor had such an interesting first run that I went through and made some tweaks and now it's ready for prime time again. There are still some funny data points, but most of it makes a lot of sense. 

Once again you won't see Washington, Florida State, Gonzaga or Minnesota in this bracket because they're the last four teams into the NCAA Tournament. Michigan, Penn State, Virginia Tech and Colorado also sit as part of the at-large pool making it to The Big Dance. (Note: This is only through Monday's games.)
But we're using it for the NIT, not the bubble. So let's take a look at what's new in the bracket the computer selects after the jump.

NIT Bracket from the Bracket Predictor:

1. Clemson
8. Rhode Island
4. Northwestern
5. Miami (FL)
2. Boston College
7. USC
3. Maryland
6. Wichita State
1. California
4. VCU
5. Dayton
2. Butler
7. South Carolina
3. Harvard
6. Mississippi
1. Washington State
8. Rutgers
4. Drexel
5. Baylor
2. Marshall
7. Colorado State
3. James Madison
6. Valparasio
1. Southern Miss
8. Hofstra
4. Nebraska
5. Richmond
2. UCF
7. N.C. State
3. Oklahoma State
6. Arkansas
Some Thoughts:
  • The oddest thing in this bracket actually occurs on the second to last seed line (i.e. Rutgers). The Scarlet Knights are 13-15 overall, 4-12 in the Big East, but sneak onto that seed line over conference members Seton Hall and Providence. And in front of one prominent bubblicious SEC team.
  • The weird sorting by conference, where you have a Conference USA dominated 4th bracket and a ACC dominated 1st bracket, isn't intentional. It's just how the seeds worked out. They could obviously be rearranged.
  • Northwestern is getting a home game in this scenario. Huh?
  • I love the California bracket. That would be one of the most fun NIT brackets ever if it actually existed. A ton of underdog mid-major teams in that one.
  • Another name you don't see here? Alabama. Bracket predictor has the Crimson Tide not even in the NIT right now. Other flubs? Duquesne and New Mexico.
  • Horizon League fans. I'm trying to figure out where Cleveland State ended up. The Vikings aren't in the bracket at all, but Valparaiso is, and I find that very weird.

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