My NIT Bracket

I'm not going to be picking an NCAA Tournament bracket this season because I want to enjoy the fun of the beautiful as you go bracket I got from The Mid-Majority. Thus I'm not going to be posting predictions for that tournament, but I will be helping people pick the games later today! So stop by here if you're interested for some fun tempo-free advice that should help in the office pools.

Instead I picked the NIT bracket, which since it is the one that Northwestern is in, is the one that actually matters to this site. In fact, I picked the Wildcats to go all the way to the Championship Game at Madison Square Garden. 
I've said this before, but the NIT really is about which of the top teams actually care that they're there. Last season Jacksonville upset Arizona State and Northeastern almost beat Connecticut. I think that Northwestern is going to be one of those teams that cares though and thus I'm picking them far because of a pretty favorable draw.
The bracket is after the jump.

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