Horizon League Teams via Player Ratings

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So I was perusing the APBRMetrics forums looking for some interesting research in college basketball, because what else would I do with some free time in my day, and I stumbled across NCAA Player Ratings. I think the work that Statman is doing is very impressive and it just so happens that he recently posted the player ratings for the Horizon League before the conference tournament started.

Let's take a look.

Horizon League 1st Team according to Player Ratings:

  • Norris Cole, G, Cleveland State
  • Matt Howard, F, Butler
  • Vaughn Duggins, G, Wright State
  • Anthony Hill, F, Milwaukee
  • Shelvin Mack, G, Butler
Horizon League 2nd Team according to Player Ratings:
  • Brandon Wood, G, Valparaiso
  • Rahmon Fletcher, G, Green Bay
  • N'Gai Evans, G, Wright State
  • Andrew Smith, C, Butler
  • Tony Meier, F, Milwaukee
Horizon League 3rd Team according to Player Ratings:
  • Ryan Broekhoff, Valparaiso
  • Eli Holman, Detroit
  • Ray McCallum, Detroit
  • Trevon Harmon, Wright State
  • Ben Averkamp, Loyola
Some other notable player ranks:
  • Robo Kreps, G, UIC was #16
  • Kaylon Williams, G, Milwaukee was #24
  • Khyle Marshall, F, Butler and Alec Brown, C, Green Bay were #16 and #17
First of all, this system seems to really agree with what people are seeing as well. It missed the first team by all of one player, and Wood was sixth in the player rankings. It doesn't do my personal favorite, Williams, any favors. It's also very interesting to see Smith on the second team, but I can totally see it. The sophomore center had offensive rating that ranked 19th in the country according to Ken Pomeroy, including offensive rebounding and turnover rates that ranked in the top 200 nationally.
Overall it is a really interesting way to look at the conference.

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