Deeper look at CBI and CIT fields


So with things looking dicey for Northwestern and the NIT is there a chance that the Wildcats might play in smaller tournament? Sure, if they want to. There are going to be 40 other teams that play postseason basketball in the Tournament (CIT) and the College Basketball Invitational (CBI). Both are relatively new and both come with some special rules. For instance, the CIT only takes mid-major teams and the Great West Conference champion receives an automatic bid. After the jump is everything we know about the 24-team CIT field and the 16-team CBI field according to Twitter and published reports. Sources are cited in all cases where something definite has been confirmed. Also included is a list of possible teams and a list of teams that have already said "No thanks," to these pay-for-play opportunities.

CBI Field:

Weber State -- Have officially announced that they'll play.
St. Bonaventure -- They've announced as well.
Creighton -- Rumored, but makes sense.
UCF -- The Knights' administration said they'd pay to play, completely expect this to happen.
Evansville -- This tweet gives some insight.
Rhode Island -- Rumored.
CIT Field:
Northern Iowa -- See this post. (A lot of media follows UNI by the way!)
Santa Clara -- Diamond Leung has been money. His tweet confirmed this one. 
Hawaii -- Here's the tweet, a lot of other places now too. 
Portland -- They play at Hawaii per the above tweet.
Furman -- Official athletic site has this one. They're playing on the road.
Great West Auto-Bid -- Congratulations North Dakota!
Oral Roberts -- Tweet and official site confirmation. ORU is also going on the road. 
San Francisco -- Leung strikes again
Idaho - Info in above tweet.
Quinnipiac -- Official athletic site has them in. Bobcats are even hosting a game!
Air Force -- Tweet for Falcons hosting.
SMU -- School release. Mustangs will host Oral Roberts.
Rider -- See this tweet
East Tennessee State -- This tweet is evidence since they're not making NIT.
Northern Arizona -- Playing at Santa Clara via this tweet - and others now. 
Buffalo -- Confirmed in many places, but playing at Quinnipiac to start. 
Tennessee Tech -- Officially announced.
That's 6 CBI teams (38%) and 17 CIT teams (71%). It would make sense that the CIT would fill up quicker because the CBI typically tries to draw teams that don't claim NIT berths and are of a little bit higher profile. I'll keep tabs on this throughout Selection Sunday and update as information comes in. If you notice anything please let me know in the comments.
Teams that might to be looking for a bid: Oregon (CBI only), Northwestern (if not NIT, maybe it doesn't come to this, CBI only) Marshall, Davidson, IUPUI, IPFW, Montana, Rutgers (CBI only), Hofstra, Drexel, Dayton, Duquesne, Valparaiso, Tulsa.
Teams that have said no already, or assumed to say no: Wright State, Detroit, Iowa, Mississippi State, North Texas.


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  • Creighton has officially announced that they're accepting a CBI bid.

  • According to East Carolina's release they and Jacksonville will also be playing in the CIT. That brings us to 19 teams confirmed for the tournament.

  • There are reports leaking out now that Valparaiso will accept a CIT bid if it doesn't get an NIT bid (which isn't looking good). That makes 20/24 teams.

  • According to Diamond Leung of ESPN San Jose St. is going to the CBI.!/diamond83/status/47050281820766208

  • Tulsa has said that it won't accept a CBI/CIT bid if they aren't invited to the NIT. So expect them to be sitting at home.

  • Hearing that St. Bonaventure is only the first of the Atlantic 10 teams to go to the CBI. Other possibilities include Dayton, Rhode Island and Duquesne. UMass already said they weren't interested.

  • Davidson has accepted a bid to the CBI.

  • From the press release: The entire 24 team field includes Air Force (15-15), Buffalo (18-13), East Carolina (18-15), East Tennessee State (22-11), Furman (22-10), Hawaii (18-12), Idaho (18-13), Iona (22-11), Jacksonville (19-11), Marshall (22-11), North Dakota (19-14), Northern Arizona (19-12), Northern Iowa (19-13), Ohio (18-15), Oral Roberts (19-15), Portland (20-11), Quinnipiac (22-9), Rider (23-10), San Francisco (17-14), Santa Clara (19-14), SMU (17-14), Tennessee Tech (20-12), Western Michigan (20-12) and Valparaiso (23-11).

  • Other teams we now know are in CBI (expect full bracket soon): Hofstra, James Madison, Rhode Island, Oregon. That's 10 of 16 officially now I believe.

  • Three other confirmed CBI teams (brings us to 13): Austin Peay, Boise State, Weber State.

  • Final three CBI teams I'm missing: Duquesne, Miami (OH) and Montana. That's the entire list.

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