A thought on Loyola's coaching search

Here's how Loyola should sell their current job to anyone who might be thinking about taking it this weekend at the Final Four.

  1. New facilities mean easier time recruiting.
  2. You're in the heart of Rogers Park in Chicago - talent is here if you can get it.
  3. You get to play in a rising mid-major league against one of the best coaches in America, Butler's Brad Stevens. (And Rob Jeter and Gary Waters are pretty good too.)
  4. This is one of nine ways to get to the job you want and probably a requirement if you're an assistant.
  5. Four graduating seniors, including major possession users Geoff McCammon and Terrance Hill, means that you can make your impact immediately felt.
  6. Jordan Hicks should be healthy next season. (Crosses fingers.)
So go get it!

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