Tempo-free conference aerials

Basketball State has some great statistics on it. I use it a lot when doing historical research, but one of the fun things it has for the current season are pretty graphical tempo-free aerials. For instance, here's the one for the Great West. Why lead with that one? Well, I just want to prove that they have them for every conference. Big Ten, Big East and Horizon League are after the jump.


Here's the Big Ten aerial. Iowa and Ohio State are the big outliers. Makes sense to me. Love how most of the conference falls into the bottom right - Good Offense, Bad Defense - quadrant. If this conference could play faster maybe they could erase some of that stigma about being all about defense and grit.

The Big East's graph features DePaul all the way in the bottom left by its lonesome. You have to feel a little bad for the Blue Demons. In John Gasaway's Tuesday Truths they weren't particularly terrible though. There are two major conference teams - Wake Forest and LSU - with worse efficiency margins in their respective conferences and a few more scattered amongst the lower conferences. Also, check out Pittsburgh, which is the mirror image of Marquette. Yup, the Panthers are the Golden Eagles with a good defense when you throw out pace.
Then there's the Horizon League. Look how good Butler is at offense! Too bad it's the Bulldogs' defense that's the problem. League leaders Cleveland State and Valparaiso are sitting up there in the Good Offense, Good Defense quadrant by themselves. Probably what you'd expect. What you might not expect is Loyola sitting right there on the Y-Axis. Again, it's defense that's the problem for the Ramblers.
Finally, a big thanks to Kyle Whelliston, Basketball State's proprietor and the writer of The Mid-Majority for allowing me to use these today!

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