The disappearance of Krys Faber

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With 4:29 remaining in the first half Krys Faber hit a lay up to give DePaul a 25-24 lead over Seton Hall. For the next 24:29 of game time Faber did not only not make a basket, he didn't even attempt a single shot. During that time the Blue Demons went from up one to 78-67 loss.

That 12-point swing is indicative of many things, but one is just how important it is for the Blue Demons' junior center to be aggressive. Against a team like Seton Hall, which has only two legitimate big men in Herb Pope and Jeff Robinson, Faber needed to dominate. Instead he attempted all of six shots and grabbed six boards in 22 minutes.

Faber is one of the most experienced player on the court for DePaul. He's been around the program for a long time now and the Blue Demons need him to contribute. Here's what he did against Seton Hall:

  • two made lay ups
  • made short shot
  • missed free throw jumper
  • missed short put back
  • missed jumper on the wing
That's it. Nothing else. No more shots. Yet somehow his freshman teammate Cleveland Melvin found a way to take 21. Melvin scored 21 points not because he had a perfect night, for he was far from it at 8-21 from the field, but because he showed tenacity and continued to battle throughout the game.
Why can't Faber show that tenacity? Why doesn't he keep shooting? How did he let the Pirates' frontline get the best of him? Honestly, I'm not really sure. But it's something that the Blue Demons need to figure out. For DePaul is better when an active and involved Faber is on the court, especially during Big East play. He gives Melvin and Tony Freeland a bigger body to protect them defensively around the rim and theoretically gives them someone to lean on offensively when things are tough.
Can Faber be that guy? When will he step up? Those are questions he has to answer as the season moves forward. Because the answers in the second half of the game against Seton Hall were "No" and "Not now."

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