Tempo-free stats from UIC vs. Detroit

Check out the recap where I said that Detroit and UIC played to almost a statistical tie. Well here's my justification for it and some notes about each of the "Four Factors". This was a 66 possession game, which was probably faster than Howard Moore wanted.

Effective Field Goal Percentage: UIC 45.1 percent; Detroit 52.6 percent - This difference, which comes from Detroit shooting 8-19 from three-point range compared to 1-8 for UIC, was the biggest difference in the game. A few extra outside shots go down and the Flames might've walked away with the victory.
Offensive Rebounding Percentage: UIC 52.9 percent; Detroit 48.4 percent - Both teams did an excellent job crashing the offensive glass during the game. UIC grabbed 18 offensive rebounds, which led to 21 second chance points. Detroit got 17 second chance points off of its 15 boards. Two big teams controlling the paint on offense. UIC's liberal use of the 1-3-1 didn't help their defensive percentage either.
Turnover Percentage: UIC 19.7 percent; Detroit 21.2 percent - Not much difference here. This is exactly one fewer turnover for the Flames. Interestingly, UIC led points off turnovers 15-10. Though the play a lot of people will remember is when Ray McCallum blocked Robo Kreps' lay up to prevent points after the senior picked off a pass from the freshman.
Free Throw Rate: UIC 31.1 percent; Detroit 36.8 percent - Even though UIC was in the bonus from 12:54 remaining in the second half Detroit still shot two more free throws. Not a big deal at all, especially because the Flames knocked down two more, 14-12.
Those numbers are about as close as you can get and what you'd expect in a 72-69 game. It's why this game ended up being so close and it's a pity the Flames weren't able to find a way to pull it out late.

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