Tempo-free Horizon League


Another week and we've got more data for our tempo-free look at the Horizon League. Things aren't looking so good for the two Chicago schools. Also, even a close loss to Butler by Youngstown State wasn't enough to make the Penguins' number look that good. After a lost weekend in Indiana, Cleveland State has relinquished the top spot to Wright State. More changes will certainly be on the Horizon (League).

Rank - Team - Efficiency Margin in Conference
  1. Wright State - 0.14
  2. Detroit - 0.13
  3. Cleveland State - 0.11
  4. Valparaiso - 0.07
  5. Butler - 0.07
  6. Milwaukee - (-0.04)
  7. Green Bay - (-0.04)
  8. Loyola - (-0.08)
  9. UIC - (-0.12)
  10. Youngstown State - (-0.20)
Some more thoughts and analysis after the break.

While there seems to be a big gap between the top five teams and the bottom five teams, last weekend showed that the bottom schools can still make life difficult. UIC gave Detroit a heck of a run in the Horizon League Game of the Week and Youngstown State gave Butler everything the Bulldogs wanted on Sunday. While I fully expect the top five teams to beat up on each other the team that loses to one of the bottom tier teams is going to fall faster.

Also, my prediction of Loyola getting a home conference tournament game isn't looking good at all. The Ramblers blew out Youngstown State, but they've also had some miserable losses to the top tier of the conference at home. The tricky thing is that Loyola hasn't really been bad at one thing. Different problems keep cropping up against different teams. It was defense against Detroit and offense against Cleveland State this weekend.
  • Best Offense: Butler - 1.123 points per possession
  • Worst Offense: Youngstown State - 0.950 ppp
  • Best Defense: Valparaiso - 0.917 points allowed per possession
  • Worst Defense: Youngstown State - 1.151 papp
  • Luckiest: Milwaukee - 0.66 games ahead of expected pace
  • Unluckiest: UIC - 1.07 games behind expected pace

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