Northwestern's Offense is Good

Alright, you already knew that, but how about this: Northwestern's offense is also balanced. Every player on the Wildcats has an offensive rating above 100 this season. As far as I can tell Northwestern is one of just six teams in the nation that can claim this feat. (And the only one in the Big Ten.) The others? 

There's not a single play in those profiles with an offensive rating below 100. It's a really impressive feat and done by only the best offensive teams in the nation. Just another thing for the Wildcats to hang their hat on this season.
Note: A lot of other teams come close, but even one player below 100 means you don't make the list. Another note is Marquette would've made this list except for Reggie Smith and Junior Cadougan. Now you know one reason why the notoriously stat reliant Buzz Williams wasn't giving Smith much playing time.
If you find a team I missed leave it in the comments below! Or join me for the live blog of tonight's game and we'll talk about it.

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