I'll say this about DePaul

Michael Bizoukas asks for a jump ball.

Committing 21 turnovers, like DePaul did in last night's game against Marquette, is unacceptable. I'm sure Oliver Purnell knows that and I'm sure the players know it too, but it needs to be drilled home. Yes, Marquette plays an aggressive style of basketball, but you still need to hang onto the basketball. 

Players whose turnover totals frustrate me the most are the catch-and-shoot perimeter players and the big men. Krys Faber shouldn't have four turnovers in eight possessions. Moses Morgan is a freshman, but he shouldn't have two in seven either.
It's going to happen occasionally that Tony Freeland - because he puts the ball on the floor to draw fouls on offense - and Brandon Young - because he's the point guard - are going to commit turnovers. But they're the only players who have good excuses, and four is still too many. Figure out a way to make it work.
I commend Michael Bizoukas (1 turnover in 17 minutes) and Jeremiah Kelly (0 turnovers in 26 minutes) for their work with handling the basketball.
Committing turnovers isn't the end all of offense, you have to make shots too, but DePaul made enough shots to be competitive last night, the Blue Demons just dropped the ball at other places on the court.

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