Northwestern bandwagon has plenty of room still

It's poll day Tuesday here at Chicago College Basketball.

Northwestern is receiving votes in both the AP Top 25 and the Coaches Poll. The Wildcats have 15 votes in the Coaches Poll and 5 votes in the AP Top 25. Last week we looked at the fact that Jeff Goodman and Steve DeShazo were the two AP voters that had Northwestern in the Top 25. Has anything changed?
Yes, two more people have slipped the Wildcats into the Top 25 thanks to their pristine, now 6-0, record. Jeffrey Martin of the Houston Chronicle has Northwestern as his 25th ranked team. In general though he seems to be a pretty conservative voter except when it comes to the Big Ten. His other extreme teams are Minnesota, which he ranks high at 15th, and Michigan State, which he ranks very low - but reasonably - at 23rd.
Northwestern has 5 points in the poll because Goodman and Dan Wiederer of the Fayetteville Observer both ranked the Wildcats 24th.
This of course means that DeShazo decided that Northwestern not playing for a week was enough to merit dropping them from 23rd on his ballot to out. It might be a case of extreme Big Ten hating all of a sudden as he's got Minnesota ranked 25th and Illinois unranked. That's some weird voting.

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