DePaul's defense does it the right way

Tonight against Milwaukee is what Oliver Purnell's defense is supposed to look like. The Blue Demons managed to get the Panthers to play their pace and DePaul allowed 47 points in 62 possessions, a great .76 points per possession. You'll win a lot of games playing that style.

The possessions were held in check because Milwaukee played a lot of good defense, which slowed down DePaul's offense and was the reason the Blue Demons only scored about a point per possession, 61 in 62, and because early in the game the Panthers were able to control the tempo.
That's a bad habit that the Blue Demons are going to have to break moving forward. But for future reference, here's what a "good" Purnell defense looks like:
  • 20 turnovers forced (32.3 TO%)
  • 18-46 shooting, 3-14 from beyond the arc (42.4 eFG%)
  • 7 offensive rebounds allowed on 28 misses (25 OR%)
  • 15 free throws vs. 46 shots (32.6% FTR)
You do that on defense, against any team, and there's a good chance you're going to win the game - no matter how bad your offense looks. 
Also note: Every single one of those numbers was better than DePaul's season average. We'll see how much that continues come Saturday against Loyola.
Much more Blue Demons coverage this week including a Tony Freeland feature, a preview for Loyola vs. DePaul and maybe another radio DePaul stint as well on Friday. It all leads up to the game on Saturday at Allstate Arena.

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