What we learned - Friday, Nov. 12

Victor Scott

What we learned is going to be a more general segment that will run this season whenever there are multiple games that I didn't happen to cover live. It's a general look through the action of the day and if there are any relevant statistical, or tactical nuggets to take from the games.

It's good to get a win - Three teams are now 1-0 on the young college basketball season as Loyola (73-57 over Eastern Kentucky), Northwestern (97-78 over Northern Illinois) and Chicago State (79-75 over Concordia) all got victories on Friday night. 
A special congratulations goes out to Tracy Dildy for his victory in his first game as a head coach. Of course now a much harder challenge awaits the Cougars as tomorrow Chicago State will go to McGrath Arena for a game against the DePaul Blue Demons.

Some surprising events - 

  • Victor Scott (pictured) came off the bench to lead Chicago State with 22 points.
  • Northwestern scored 97 points.
  • Terrance Hill came off the bench for Loyola to score a game-high 21 points on 6-8 shooting, including 5-6 three-point shooting.
  • Eastern Kentucky shot 5-20 from beyond the arc. Last season the Colonels shot very well from that distance, but Loyola did a good job locking down the perimeter.
  • Alex Marcotullio started for Northwestern and JerShon Cobb didn't play because of a hip pointer.
Some not so surprising events -
  • Ben Averkamp had three blocks.
  • John Shurna scored 31 points and had nine boards. He shot 7-10 from three-point range and went on a scoring run all his own during the second half.
  • Michael Thompson played 38 minutes in a 19-point victory.
  • Chicago State shot 35 percent from the field.
  • Jordan Hicks was back on form for Loyola with 10 points, 5 boards, a block, a steal and one turnover. He gives the Ramblers a very different look from the wing.
A look at the Loyola factors - 
  • Turnovers less than 19 percent? -- No. the Ramblers turned it over on 21.5 percent of possessions, including some really frustrating ones. Hill and Courtney Stanley each turned the ball over three times.
  • Pound the ball inside? -- Yes. Walt Gibler had 17 points and Averkamp had 15 points. Gibler's shooting lines might not look pretty, but he draws fouls and that's really important. Averkamp's shooting lines on the other hand are pretty. He was 5-9 from the field last night.
  • Consistency from half to half? -- Yes. The Ramblers won the first half by six and second half by 10. That's excellent.
  • Clog the middle on defense? -- Yes. Loyola had a block percentage of 12.5 percent, thanks in part to Averkamp, but also Jordan Hicks, Hill, Stanley and Gibler. Eastern Kentucky shot 33.9 percent from the field.
Overall, not a bad performance for the Ramblers. They earned check marks in three of the four factors and thus dominated the game. Still, I'll be watching those turnovers closely in the future.

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