What can you learn from a blowout?

K.C. Robbins

Well, UIC went to the Petersen Events Center and took its 97-54 blowout against Pittsburgh with class. It was pretty evident from the beginning that the Flames were overmatched. The Panthers grabbed numerous offensive rebounds, in fact at one point during the first I tweeted that they had an otherworldly offensive rebound percentage of 85.7 percent.

There were a couple bright spots for the Flames. K.C. Robbins came off the bench, after Darrin Williams got into a bit of foul trouble, and solidified the paint for UIC. Robbins was consistent in the post and hit 6-10 shots and scored 12 points. The Flames were able to run their offense through him, though don't expect the ball to come out too often once it goes in.

Another positive was Daniel Barnes who was one of the first guys off the bench and during his 19 minutes he showed a bit of life as well. Barnes went 2-3 from beyond the arc and scored six points. 

Those role players had to step up and make some shots because Pittsburgh's defense locked down the guys who will typically be UIC's go-to scorers. Paul Carter struggled to a 1-10 night from the field and scored six points and Robo Kreps was not much better at 2-8 for seven points.
Even in the blowout Kreps played 31 minutes, which is probably to be expected all season. Last season Kreps played 89.2 percent of the team's possible minutes, 45th in the nation, and while Barnes might be able to give him a bit of rest at shooting guard, Howard Moore seems intent on playing Kreps at point guard.
As Adam Coppinger and I discussed on Twitter last night, I don't know if playing your best shooter at point guard, where he has to initiate the offense, is the best idea, but that's Moore's decision for now.
UIC's next game is Monday against Roosevelt at the Pavilion. Not really sure what we'll learn from that one either, but at least its a chance for the Flames to get a victory.

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