Halftime Notes: Northwestern 44, Arkansas-Pine Bluff 25


Northwestern has a comfortable 44-25 lead at halftime. The Wildcats have managed to go nine deep in the first half and four of Arkansas-Pine Bluff's players have foul concerns. It's going to be a long night for the Golden Lions, but it'll help us take a look at a bunch of Northwestern's bench players.

Notes from a half of action in bullet style after the jump.
  • I take back what I said about Mike Capocci after the game against Texas-Pan American, it looks like he was just not feeling it against the Broncs. He's been very solid defensively against Pine-Bluff. He caused a steal on the wing, blocked a shot in transition and has just been disruptive in general.
  • John Shurna has really been difficult to contain. He's got 17 points in the first half, including four three-pointers. One of his biggest contributions was getting Arkansas-Pine Bluff's Daniel Broughton in foul trouble. Broughton was the Golden Lions' best player and their leading scorer even though he picked up his third foul with 9:59 remaining in the first half.
  • I wish JerShon Cobb would use this game to shoot more. He seems reluctant to take any outside shots. Driving and kicking is nice and all, especially with his ability to slash, but he's going to have to hit a shot in order to convince defenders to take him honestly.
  • Northwestern's defense has been alright in the first half, the most frustrating part has been the play of the two centers. Davide Curletti picked up two fouls while he was in the game and both he and Luka Mirkovic have failed to get out on three-point shooters. Both need to close out better.
  • It appears the rotation officially goes nine players deep. There are five starters and then Capocci, Curletti, Alex Marcotullio and Jeff Ryan.

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