Howard Moore already making recruiting waves

The big name out of Morgan Park in the 2011 recruiting class may have been Wayne Blackshear, but Howard Moore got a player of his own when Blackshear's classmate Jerome Brown signed on with UIC.

Brown will is an excellent replacement for senior guard Robo Kreps at the shooting guard position. The class of 2011 recruit is ranked as the 86th best shooting guard in the country by Scouts Inc. He's supposed to have excellent shooting range - Scouts' profile says that he has "one of the best strokes in the midwest 2011 class."
The fact that Brown is a local recruit certainly won't be lost on anyone either. It appears with Moore taking over the job at UIC, as well as new coaches at Chicago State and DePaul, the local scene is going to be relying heavily again on the local high school and AAU teams. It will be very interesting to see how that strategy pans out.
Of course the coaches will still have to go outside of the city to get talent, especially with so many coaches looking for it inside of Chicago, and thus Moore's other signing - Will Simonton, a 6-foot-11-inch center from Virginia.

If you watch the YouTube video above (or follow the link) of some highlights from last season when he played at Marshall High School in Fall Church, Va. you can see that Simonton certainly knows how to use his height to dominate smaller opponents. Also, his new coach at Fishburne Military School seems to think that Simonton will be the perfect fit for Moore's swing offense.

UIC is a program that hasn't had a lot of good news lately, but lately it seems like the Flames are moving in the right direction. 
(Also, the coach quote is the first I've heard of someone officially saying anything about Moore bringing the swing offense to Chicago. I'm super excited for that as well.)

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