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Kentucky News - April 01, 2010

The ChicagoNow Tweet Up last night was a lot of fun. I got to meet a number of cool bloggers and talk about the site. Some of the highlights from the night:

-Alex Quigley asked me to predict next year's Final Four last night. I said that it'll be Duke, Purdue, Michigan State and Kentucky. I think I'm going to regret picking such a youthful Wildcats team come tournament time, but the other three make complete sense. Then again, Kentucky will definitely have a chance as long as John Calipari (above) sticks around.
-I talked with the guy behind Hammervision, one of ChicagoNow's movie and television blogs. He's got very good taste. Check his stuff out.
-To slip another basketball related bullet in here, East Coast Bias wrapped up the May Big East roundtable with Part III about the Big East season and Part IV about potential risers and fallers. I'd like to note that I took Providence as a riser before even more of their disastrous off season came out.
-Finally, if you miss listening to me ramble on about random topics, and would like to read more of things like it, you should check out my personal blog. It's a pretty random compilation of sports, television, music and just nuggets from 20-something life.

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  • Hey John - thanks for the shout-out! Keep up the excellent work. And don't forget about Butler next year!

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