Paul Carter reportedly heading to UIC

Big Ten Basketball Tournament - Minnesota v Ohio State

I can't believe I missed this, but the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported on Twitter on Tuesday that it looks like UIC will be the final destination for Paul Carter. The Flames are applying for a waiver so that Carter can play for the Flames immediately. Since he'd be taking graduate classes and has a hardship reason for the move, because of his sister's battles with cancer, there is no reason to think the NCAA will deny him the chance to play.

This is an important get for UIC. The Flames needed a front-court talent like this to help take some of the pressure off Robo Kreps after the graduation of Jeremy Buttell. This move makes perfect sense for Jimmy Collins and should help the Flames avoid finishing in the basement of the Horizon League next season.

Carter joins a recruiting class that is now up to six players. If true that means some of the Flames players that didn't graduate won't be back next season. Players like Shawn King, Daniel Barnes and Paris Carter could all help the Flames in the near future along with Carter.

Instant Update: UIC literally just sent out a press release announcing its recruiting class.

In other UIC news, the Indianapolis Star is reporting that the Flames are going to be playing Butler on BracketBuster Saturday instead of going outside the conference. This move is to accommodate Butler's title game rematch with Duke. I'm not quite sure what UIC gets out of this deal except some goodwill from the conference, but it'll be interesting to see if anything else is said about it.

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  • Leave a comment...WoW! I Really like this kid! He remindeds me of Shaun Livingston before his unfortunate injury. Ive seen him during the summer Pro League in Minn and I honestly thought he was a pro. I think because of the limited players at the PF Carter was forced to play down low but He is no doubt without question made to be a small forward, Shooting guard.

    He should dominate the Horizon League next year. Looks like Butler might have to actually compete for a win at least twice before the NCAA tourney. PAUL CARTER is my draft sleeper for the 2011 NBA draft. Keep an eye out for this guy.

  • We appreciate everything that Paul contributed to this program in his two seasons in Minneapolis. He is defiantly a deserving, tough, and competitive player. He has demonstrated his ability to adjust to necessary movement on the team in position and on and off the bench, he really reminds me of a young Tayshaun Prince but with the ability to play guard as well, I am sure the NBA recruiters will pick up on that just as i did. I Believe Paul will go on and have a wonderful Basketball career wherever he decides to play and eventually as a Pro. "My thoughts are with him and his family as his sister Bria continues her battle with cancer.

  • I totally agree with a previous comment!! PAUL CARTER IS SURELY A 1ST ROUNDER! I have had the pleasure to see this kid play in within the Minnesota system and in notable summer leagues, and this kid HAS IT!!! He is 6'8 with amazing athleticism. He can score inside with ease, handle the ball like a PG, great court vision, and take smaller guards to school with his length, height, and smooth ability. Trust me in system where he can be free, and play ball he is going to be a MONSTER! Keep you eyes open for this kid, because I'll be the first to say he is NBA BOUND!

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