My take on DePaul in the Big East Roundtable

DePaul mascot Dibs on a moto-scooter.

The St. John's blog East Coast Bias is a running a roundtable of Big East Bloggers this summer and early fall. 13 Big East basketball bloggers have agreed to participate and I think there is going to be some great information shared that will help keep everyone up to date on the other teams in the conference. The first set of questions is a look back at the season that was, which you can find the beginning of here. After the jump is my answer to the question about DePaul. Also, be sure to check out the post because Blue Demons Nation is also participating and I'm sure they'lll have a slightly different take on things.

DePaul finished 8-23 overall and 1-17 in the Big East. The Blue Demons went quietly into the night in the first round of the Big East Tournament losing 58-49 to South Florida. Overall DePaul mostly lived up to expectations, which is to say that everyone expected the disaster of a season that occurred. That's what happens when you enter with a lame duck coach.

The 2009-10 DePaul season was one of preparing for the future by finally cementing the fact that the old regime just couldn't get it done. Jerry Wainwright was fired following the 99-72 loss against Villanova and while Tracy Webster managed to get one Big East win, it was downhill from there.

DePaul is a team that is struggling for respect and still attempting to regain past glory - mostly from the 1980s. The school now has hope though after an exhaustive coaching search eventually snagged Oliver Purnell from Clemson. There is cautious optimism spreading through the fan base.

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