One Shining Moment

The best part about tomorrow night's championship game might not be the game itself, but what comes after it. "One Shining Moment" is the standard in sports highlight packages. While it has changed over the years, the recap of the NCAA Tournament that runs right as Greg Gumbel says goodbye to America is one of the best goosebumps inducing moment of the entire college basketball season. Don't believe me? Relive a few here through the wonders of YouTube.

Here is last year's version:

Of course, it won't be Luther Vandross singing the tune anymore. This season CBS decided to bring in Jennifer Hudson to record the tune. So here are two memorable ones that Vandross recorded. The George Mason Final Four run in 2006 and his first in 2003.

And here is the first ever "One Shining Moment" from 1987. This is where the magic started. The Indiana Hoosiers were the first team to be celebrated in the montage. Also, check out how young Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim looks.

No recap of "One Shining Moment" would be complete without including a version by Teddy Pendergrass. Here is the 1996 version. It includes Princeton's historic first round upset of defending champion UCLA and Kentucky's loaded national title team.

Finally, my own personal recap of "One Shining Moment" wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of the 1993 tournament. North Carolina's victory over Michigan was the point in time which sealed my love of college basketball and thus it holds a special place in my life. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find that video on YouTube. Maybe some kid will have his life changed forever after the Butler vs. Duke version of this classic song.

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