Mac Koshwal is going pro

C - Mac Koshwal, DePaul

By now you know that Mac Koshwal is going pro. The junior forward from DePaul is entering the NBA Draft instead of deciding to stick around and give it a go with new head coach Oliver Purnell.

At first glance this decision seems quite a bit more prudent than Dar Tucker's decision to jump to the NBA a season ago. Of course Tucker went undrafted and spent this season playing for the Los Angeles Defenders in the NBA Developmental League. Tucker averaged 11.5 points per game for LA, which didn't qualify for the playoffs. He started 12 contests.

Koshwal's decision to turn pro most likely isn't going to result in a guaranteed contract. There are too many holes in his game right now for him to be selected in the first round, but Koshwal should get selected somewhere in the second round.

Well, at least one would expect that being 6'10" tall and athletic might be enough, but apparently that's not the case.

Chad Ford has Koshwal as the 97th overall prospect in the 2010 draft class. Now, some of the players ahead of Mac will decide to stay in school, but that's a precarious position to be in. Koshwal is currently "2nd round to undrafted" in Ford's evaluation. had Koshwal as the second pick in the second round of the 2011 Mock Draft. DraftExpress doesn't have Koshwal in either of its mock drafts. On the plus side, DraftExpress does have Koshwal as its 87th overall prospect.

Still, it looks like we're talking about a trip to the Developmental League or Europe for Koshwal as well. In order to be a solid draft pick Koshwal needed to stay healthy and produce this season. Unfortunately he delivered on only half the equation. When on the court Koshwal played very well, but it was staying on the court that was a problem. He played in 19 games.

There are certainly some kinks to iron out and I wish Koshwal had come back to school for one more season, but here's wishing him the best of luck as he pursues his pro career.


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  • Perfect example of a kid who should come back for that last year of college ball. One more year on a better DePaul team and perhaps a full season might get him a guaranteed deal, and at least more prepared for a pro career.

  • In reply to MattLoCascio:

    He certainly should've stuck around. I think even playing one season under Purnell might've helped his draft stock as well. Unfortunately, since this is the second time Koshwal has entered the draft pool, there is no way he's coming back to school.

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