Congratulations Duke, hello Purnell?

North Carolina v Clemson

And so another season of college basketball ends. Congratulations to the Duke Blue Devils and Butler Bulldogs for playing an outstanding championship game. That the Bulldogs represented mid-major basketball everywhere so well should be commended.

Now, the offseason begins in earnest and one of the most interesting rumors of the day is that Clemson coach Oliver Purnell has been seen on the DePaul campus. My guess is that he isn't recruiting Mac Koshwal to come to South Carolina, so this could be a big step forward in the new coach hiring process.

How do you feel about Purnell? Would he be a good hire? Leave your thoughts here and I'll certainly have many more of mine tomorrow.

I should note that David Kaplan and WeAreDePaul ($) have more on this story.

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  • With what was left...not bad. At least we will not be waiting around for weeks waiting for an announcement. This is a coach from a respected conference. It was DePaul's intent to get someone with head coaching least they got that.

  • I think this is about as high as they could have reached when the search started. No ties to Chicago, but experience in a major conference. I'd give the hire a B- (which I would have taken in a heartbeat at the end of another terrible season). Welcome to Chicago, Oliver.

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