Benjy Taylor out as Chicago State head coach

Benjy Taylor - Chicago State

Chicago State is now looking for a replacement for head coach Benjy Taylor.

Benjy Taylor was one of the Chicago-area head coaches that I thought was definitely going to be around next season, but the Chicago State head man is apparently moving on. Chicago State released a press announcement tonight stating in full:

Chicago State University Athletics Director Sudie Davis has announced that Benjy
will not return as the head coach of the university's
men's basketball program. An immediate search for a replacement is
currently underway.

What this means for the future of the program is still a bit unclear, but I'll be sure to follow up. The Cougars finished 9-23 this season, including a disappointing 4-8 in the inaugural season of the Great West Conference.

While it was definitely a rebuilding season, expectations were high that the Cougars would be able to do well in the newly formed conference. I'll certainly be keeping an eye on this because it won't be an easy vacancy to fill.


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  • I just don't understand why schools would make the switch these days. Unless they feel they've seen enough name candidates/ assistants vetted by other schools that they have an idea who's hungry for a new challenge? But it's recruiting season, and a lower-level school has to have been scouting guys already.

    Maybe Tracy Webster wants a head coaching job... (though he'd likely make more as an assistant in a major conference.)

  • It will be interesting to see if this is indeed where Webster ends up, though I'll have much more to say about that and the public league later in the day. (Hopefully.)

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