Northwestern vs. Purdue - Big Ten Tournament

I'm just throwing this up there before the game because since this one is on Big Ten Network I know not everyone will be able to watch. If you want to comment in here feel free to do so. I'll be dropping my own thoughts in approximately around every media timeout. Northwestern has a big opportunity here against Purdue.

Some quick predictions to get things started:

  • Pomeroy has Northwestern with a 16% chance. (71-62 final)
  • Accuscore has Northwestern with a 39.1% chance. (69-64 final)

The difference here? Accuscore's prediction model knows that Purdue is without Robbie Hummel. Pomeroy's metric, which merely weights recent games more, is just beginning to figure it out.

One big plus for this game over yesterday's? The fact that we've got Gus Johnson and Shon Morris on the call. If something exciting happens you'll know because Johnson's voice will carry from Indianapolis around the country.

Should be a good one.

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  • Northwestern is playing well, but what is up with the Big Ten Network's weird camera angles? It's like you're only watching 3/4 of what's going on. Such strange production decisions.

  • Interesting start as always. I'll have to follow you and the others on Tweet Deck. At a Marquette bar with friends cheering on the Golden Eagles!

  • This might be the ugliest basketball game I've ever watched - and I've seen some doozies. Northwestern can't do anything on offense. But the fact that JaJuan Johnson has already got 2 fouls is a good thing for the Wildcats.

    Still, need to generate something at the rim in order to offset the solid early three-point shooting.

  • JaJuan Johnson is really good at basketball. I figured this out all on my own by watching the game. Northwestern is up 19-13, but Purdue is going to keep playing. Most frustrating thing... Northwestern's refusal to adapt to the referees and drive (intelligently).

    John Shurna looks out of control to me during the Big Ten Tournament. He is trying to do too much.

  • This is Kyle Rowley's best game all season and we're 15 minutes in. He's made two free throws, drawn a few fouls, been a factor on defense and even has a nice assist to Drew Crawford. Really impressed by his level of play tonight.

    Drew Crawford is playing great as well. This is the opposite of yesterday when he looked very anxious against Indiana.

  • It is 27-24 Northwestern and Purdue is on a 20-10 run. (That seems like a ridiculous length to use though.) JaJuan Johnson is playing smart with his two fouls, but I can't say that about his teammates.

    Northwestern continues to be unable to play defense against good teams. After a cold start where they found their legs the Boilermakers are slaying Northwestern from three.

  • John Shurna is no Evan Turner - as evidenced by the final shot - but Northwestern is still up 34-30 at halftime. The Wildcats are going to need to lock down on E'Twaun Moore and hold onto the ball. Also, while I'm requesting things... could the Wildcats make all their free throws in the second half?

  • Had some other business to attend to unfortunately during the second half. Now at the under 4 timeout things are looking bleak for the Wildcats as they are down 6. Michael Thompson has 4 fouls.

    This is a game in which Bill Carmody has been out-coached by Matt Painter. The Purdue head coach did a much better job of managing his personnel through some difficult foul situations.

    Why does Davide Curletti feel the need to take threes from the top of the key? It doesn't seem to make any sense to me.

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