My NCAA Tournament Bracket

You've asked for it. And since the Play-In Game doesn't really matter. Here are my predictions for the NCAA Tournament.

Unfortunately converting a PDF to a JPG isn't my strong suit, but you'll get the idea. Click for the larger version and good luck in your own endeavors.

P.S. This bracket is also in the ChicagoNow bracket pool on Just search for ChicagoNow when you enter and you can play along. Windy City Rounder has got more information for you. You'll notice I've already tried to set the bar low.


Some explanation after the jump.

Alright, I know. These are some boring picks.
Toughest First Round Games to Pick:

  • #6 Marquette vs. #11 Washington
  • #8 Texas vs. #9 Wake Forest
  • #4 Vanderbilt vs. #13 Murray State
  • #8 Gonzaga vs. #9 Florida State
  • #7 Oklahoma State vs. #10 Georgia Tech
  • #5 Temple vs. #12 Cornell

Upsets I wanted to pick and didn't (a.k.a. Mid-Majors I liked before I saw their seed):

  • #16 Vermont over #1 Syracuse
  • #15 Morgan State over #2 West Virginia
  • #13 Murray State over #4 Vanderbilt
  • #11 Old Dominion vs. #6 Notre Dame

I think I could end up being wrong on all of the games above. Then again, if Vermont pulls off the biggest upset in NCAA Tournament history I won't be complaining that my bracket is blown up.

Each Region's Biggest Wild Card:

  • East: #6 Marquette - Won a lot of close games this season.
  • South: #3 Baylor - Highly respected team, haven't beat too many good teams.
  • Midwest: #5 Michigan State - Tom Izzo outperforms seed on a regular basis.
  • West: #7 BYU - Incredibly underseeded as a seven.

Good luck picking your own brackets!

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