Coaching Carousel Heating Up

Big East Basketball Tournament - First Round

The coaching carousel is heating up as teams are knocked out multiple tournaments. In the Big East the difference between the haves and have nots is really starting to show. Rutgers' Fred Hill is going to win the Jerry Wainwright memorial reward of a conference coach that starts the season on hottest seat. His place at Rutgers is going to be scorching if the team doesn't get off to a hot start. As for the rest of the conference from open to shut tight.

Note: These are my perceptions from the various blogs, reports, etc.

Looking for a new guy: DePaul, St. John's, Seton Hall
The natives are restless: Rutgers, Cincinnati, Notre Dame
Happy, for now: South Florida, Georgetown (see comments here), Providence
Staying put, we assume: Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Marquette, Louisville
Lifetime achievers: Connecticut, Syracuse, Villanova

You can probably debate a couple of the placements on that list, but that seems to be the general perception. Also, this list is being compiled after a strange day in the NCAA Tournament where the Big East lost a few games it shouldn't have. Thus it may be a bit skewed. Also, I've used more pictures of Hill this season than most Rutgers' blogs, so I promise this will be the last one for a while.

What does this all mean? Well, it definitely means that a lot of Big East teams - three at the moment - are definitely going to be looking for new head coaches this offseason. My guess is that Seton Hall, St. John's and DePaul are all going to be looking for something a bit different. That should help. Then again, each school is in the Big East and wants to be competitive. So there are certainly "ideal fits" that would appeal to all three of the institutions.

NCAA Basketball: Big East Tournament-Notre Dame vs Pittsburgh MAR 11

Two of the schools - St. John's and DePaul - have to make a big splash this hiring season. The reasons are different though. The Red Storm have to make one to justify the firing on Norm Roberts. On the other hand, DePaul needs to make a big splash because the school needs some good publicity for the men's basketball team.

The funny thing is that two Big East coaches - Pittsburgh's Jamie Dixon (left) and Marquette's Buzz Williams, could be hot coaching rumors for other conference teams. Let me say this though, I don't think either would leave their current job. No school in the Big East makes the financial commitment to basketball like Marquette does. Williams is going to build a legacy at that school and it'll take a dream job - say Texas? - to convince him to leave. (A la Tom Crean to Indiana.)

As for Dixon, I don't see why he would leave. Sure, David Haugh suggests that the emotional play might be one for DePaul, but even that probably would be a huge long shot.

It should be interesting to see how the rest of the offseason plays out and who is in charge of these teams come October of 2010.

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