All-Conference Horizon League Teams

The Horizon League announced their official all-conference teams today. Loyola's Walt Gibler was named the Sixth Man of the Year. The players on the official first team were:

  • Gordon Hayward, Butler - Player of the Year
  • Rahmon Fletcher, Green Bay
  • Norris Cole, Cleveland State
  • Shelvin Mack, Butler
  • Matt Howard, Butler

Just for fun, I ran Points Contributed in the Horizon League for all of conference season and this is the first team it spits out:

  • Gordon Hayward, Butler - He is #1 by far here too.
  • Cory Johnson, Valparaiso
  • Randy Berry, Green Bay
  • Matt Howard, Butler
  • Jeremy Buttell, UIC

Obviously Points Contributed is much more convinced that forwards are more important in the Horizon League than people seem to think. It should be noted that Johnson was named to the league's second team.

It seems to me that the value of rebounding - which is immense - seems to get lost sometimes in the Horizon League. The league's coaches also picked an All-Defensive Team for the league. Using just the defensive half of Points Contributed we can also compare the two.

Coaches picked:

  • Ronald Nored, Butler
  • Woody Payne, Detroit
  • Willie Veasley, Butler
  • D'Aundry Brown, Cleveland State
  • Vaughn Duggins, Wright State

Points Contributed picked:

  • Eli Holman, Detroit
  • Gordon Hayward, Butler
  • D'Aundray Brown, Cleveland State
  • Woody Payne, Detroit
  • Jeremy Buttell, UIC

After having watched the final UIC home game against Milwaukee I'm a little skeptical of Jeremy Buttell's name arising on All-Defensive Team. The Panthers really attacked the paint against the Flames in their two-point victory on Saturday. Of course, Buttell often had to play with four guards, so it's not all his fault that UIC couldn't defend the interior. He was second in conference play in defensive rebounds with 99 and he also had 18 steals.

Just some interesting things.

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