All-Chicago Chicago College Basketball Team

The season is over and I've waited quite a while to do this considering Northwestern played the final area basketball game of the season more than a week ago. Still, I wanted to take some time, decompress and then select an All-City team. One of the things I did this season when selecting the team was leave off a head coach. Honestly, while the honor could've been given to Northwestern's Bill Carmody, rewarding him for being better than a bunch of rough seasons in the rest of the city didn't make much sense.

Eight players are recognized this season. Congratulations to all of them for their hard work and solid play during the 2009-2010 campaign.


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  • Great article John, I can't argue with any of your choices. I was especially impressed with Gibler, maybe because he looks so dopey and clumsy, but he knows how to get it done. It will be interesting to see how he progresses in the off season.

    Here's hoping Northwestern finally makes the Tourney next year, so you can give Carmody the Coach of the Year nod he deserves this year.

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