Tuesday Truths - Horizon League (2/23)

The Horizon League Tournament starts a week from today, so these rankings are pretty darn important. Not many games were played last week because everyone had to clear out of the way of BracketBusters. Two-game sets finish off the conference play for every team except for Valparaiso and Butler. Those two only have a game against each other remaining.

Team - Efficiency Margin

  1. Butler - .21
  2. Wright State - .10
  3. Detroit - .03
  4. Milwaukee - .01
  5. Green Bay - .01
  6. Cleveland State - .01
  7. Valparaiso - .01
  8. Loyola - (-.09)
  9. Youngstown State - (-.12)
  10. UIC - (-.17)

Thoughts after the break.
Some thoughts on the numbers above. First of all, these Butler guys are good. Their .11 efficiency margin gap over any team in the conference is larger than any of the leads in the larger conferences that are tracked by John Gasaway. (Though Butler's margin is similar to Kentucky in the SEC and BYU in the Mountain West.) Beating Valparaiso in their final conference game will only push the Bulldogs' efficiency margin higher. If they get a favorable seed, the Bulldogs will do some damage in March.

A couple teams in the .01 efficiency margin blob are going to conference home games because of Detroit's struggles in tight games during conference play. While the Titans are the third best team according to efficiency margin they'll be going on the road, and playing a decent opponent, in their Horizon League playoff game.

Wright State has to go on the road for its final two games of conference play. While the Raiders look like the league's second-best team, if they slip up against Cleveland State on the final day of the conference season things could get tricky.

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