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NCAA Basketball: Villanova vs Rutgers JAN 20

There's an article on The Star-Ledger's site today about whether Rutgers (and embattled head coach Fred Hill) in 2009-10 might be the worst Big East team in the history of the conference. That's right, Brendan Prunty is suggesting that the Scarlet Knights are worse than their DePaul counterparts of just a season ago.

The crazy thing is that he might be right, except for one obvious caveat. There's still a lot of Big East basketball left to play.

Rutgers and DePaul are by far the worst two teams in the Big East. They are the only teams in the conference not ranked in the Top 100 in the nation according to Ken Pomeroy and they aren't even close. But here's a fascinating fact: DePaul at 190 is ranked below Rutgers at 182.

This means that there are two history defining games coming up in February for these two teams. Their first meeting will be on February 16, 2010 at Allstate Arena. The Blue Demons are slight favorite according to Pomeroy. They have a 63% chance of winning that meeting.

Then there's the tricky one, both for history and for the Blue Demons. A second meeting in New Brunswick looms. I'm sure the RAC will be jumping when DePaul comes to town on February 27. It will be Hill's last chance to salvage some part of the season before he likely rides off into the sunset and it will be Rutgers' last chance to avoid making the same history the Blue Demons did just a season earlier. Pomeroy gives Rutgers a 68% chance of winning that game.

If Mac Koshwal returns by the time these games are played Rutgers will certainly be in trouble. Koshwal's return would give the Blue Demons a sturdy inside presence that would only be made more significant thanks to Rutgers' loss earlier this season of Gregory Echenique.

Right now, mostly because of that final DePaul contest, the Scarlet Knights have just a 5.26% of going winless in the Big East this season. Is history going to repeat itself? The Blue Demons will certainly have a prominent role in the events.

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